Clare H – Brandy Melville and Holt’s Reversed Socio Economic Status

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


After today’s class discussion regarding Holt’s argument of socio-economic reversal, I chose to examine a particularly interesting clothing store: Brandy Melville. Holt recognizes that as cultural elites distance themselves from elite goods, the products or services that were once identified as “elite items” become massified, therefore the high class is becoming indistinguishable from lower class. In class we examined clothing as an indicator of status, recognizing the contemporary trend for wealthy consumers to dress in a a ragged, disheveled fashion. Brandy Melville is an example of a brand that has capitalized on this trend, selling ripped, faded, oversized clothing for high prices. As this trend continues, the brand has established store locations world wide, commodifying the look of frazzled defilement. Also, Nathan used the example of his college community where the more wealthy students wore bright, colourful clothing – evidently this trend has been overcome by the looks shown above: neutral, black and white, plain clothing. 

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    ^ Forgot to put my name! (Clare H)

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