Leanne Curlew – The Culture Industry

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Leanne Curlew – The Culture Industry

The Culture industry serves corporate interests.  Capitalist corporations are concerned with serving economic interests that will benefit them, not the greater good of people.  Corporations try to deceive consumers by making them feel that their needs are being fulfilled.  With the Breast Cancer Industry, companies use propaganda to create illusions that they are helping good causes by partnering with cancer foundations, like the Komen Foundation, and promoting this partnership.  In reality, not all the money is going into cancer research and companies usually deceive the public on how much money made from a product is going to the foundation.  Another point about the culture industry is that it produces obedient individuals.  This is evident in the example I provided because consumers are not asking questions about where their money is going to.  Culture is being reduced to a commodity.  

There is a documentary called Pink Ribbons Inc. and it does a great job of discusses this information.  This is a long documentary so even if you get the opportunity to skip through and watch a few parts of it, I think it would be worth it because the whole documentary is very informative.  

Here is the link:


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