Kimberly H- Aestheticization of food

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

I came across this video today that I thought was interesting in relation to how “popular goods become aestheticized” (Holt 220). In this instance the way McDonald’s, like many other fast food chains, present and advertise their food products is done in a way that is carefully crafted. When an individual is watching TV and sees an image of a burger that is made perfectly (with all the ingredients prominent) it becomes appealing for the viewer. In the article below it mentions how, “The main difference in the presentation is that the food stylist and the photographer deliberately and carefully place the ingredients so that each is visible in the most flattering way possible to the viewer.” However, in reality, we know that when we order food from McDonald’s or elsewhere that it is not going to look like the way it does on TV. Why doesn’t McDonald’s advertise the food product for the way it is actually going to be? Would customers really be turned off from seeing food for the way it is and not aestheticized? Would you consider this false advertising?

  1. cs341blog says:

    This reminds me of when McDonalds actually did a campaign on how many people have questions about their products and services. Attached is the results from the campaign which was very successful. I really think that people would be turned off by the images of the real product but they also do not mind not receiving the same product as advertised. We end thinking that what we will eat is perfect even if when we buy it its not perfect. Overall I don’t think it is false advertisements but does bring up problems which is when McDonalds choose to run a campaign Our Food. Your Questions.

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