Taste – Leanne Curlew

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Taste – Leanne Curlew

Last week in class we discussed cultural capital and taste.  I found a couple of commercials on youtube videos displaying taste and how taste helps create our identity.  Companies market to taste and this is evident in these commercials.

My first link is a commercial for Tim Hortons.  The commercial does not mention Tim Hortons until the very end.  It is visually evident that the commercial is for Tim Hortons due to the kids hockey jerseys being sponsored by Tim Hortons and also the parents in the stands at the arena talking together while drinking Tim Hortons with a box of Timbits beside them.  This commercial suggests that Tim Hortons helps create our identity as Canadians and as hockey lovers.  Sydney Crosby appears near the end of the commercial as well and the whole commercial is taped inside an arena.  Tim Hortons is displaying a taste of Canadian identity. At the end of the commercial, the following phrase is written: ‘Tim Hortons: A Game We Love. A Passion We Share.’ This supports the idea that the product is marketing to taste which creates our identities. Here is the link for this commercial:


The next video clip shows a comparison between a commercial for diet coke and a commercial for pepsi.  The diet coke commercial has Taylor Swift in it while the pepsi commercial has Beyonce in it.  These commercials are marketing a taste not only for their product but for the famous singer that is associated with their product in the commercial.  Taylor Swift and Beyonce are very different styles of singers and represent different genres of music so taste is being marketed to your musical interest and it helps create an identity of which brand of pop and genre of music you support.  Here is the video clip that the commercials are compared in:



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