Conspicuous Waste – Lexie Stevens

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I think that we as a society are far too familiar with the concept of conspicuous waste. However I don’t think that we are fully aware that it is something we are doing, because it has become so normal. It has just become expected of us to get the new phone when it comes out, we don’t think about it we just do it. We are not thinking that we are essentially wasting what we already have. If we were to stop and think about it we may begin to be a little more hesitant when we go to make certain purchases, and we should stop and think is this something that we really need? 

  1. cs341blog says:

    I agree that society has become familiar with the concept of conspicuous waste, especially when dealing with technology. Every year there tends to be a new device that captures our attention and drives us to wanting to obtain it. Whether that is a new cellphone, laptop, camera, tablet, TV, etc., new is thought of as better. This is where the term conspicuous waste becomes present. Once something new comes out, more than often we ditch our old devices, or try and sell them, in order to buy what has recently come out. It is not something that is often questioned or really thought about, particularly when you have the ability to purchase a new product and get rid of your old one. I think that individuals have steered away from using something until it is no longer working or in “good shape” and do not use a cellphone, for example, to its full capacity. We easily get rid of things because of wanting something different, and that is all a part of the way society is changing. Do we really need that new phone that contains just a few extra features? Is it that beneficial to everyday life? When was the last time you got a rid of something just to get a newer or updated version of it?

    Kimberly H.

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