Tyler Stothers – Looks like you could use some help!?

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

After leaving class today I thought it would be a perfect time to finally finish off my Valentines day shopping and without thinking invited some of my roommates to tag along. Being the only one with a car I thought maybe some of them, who are all also teammates of mine would want to get away from playing NHL14 for an hour or two and help me pick something out. Upon arriving I started to scope out the mall and think about what I could possibly include in my post that would demonstrate a few if not one of Fiske’s main points. Luckily as I walked into my first store Pandora alone (because it was not the store 4 university jocks go into together?)  I was instantaneously greeted by a woman that said “oh hi! you look like you could use some help!?” She was very helpful and basically walked me through exactly what I should be getting and why. 

This to me was the perfect example of Fiske’s argument that “shopping and romantic love are practices in which women excel and men are deficient”.This woman took one look at me as if I was some lost puppy dog that needed her advice and assistance. I was in her domain so to speak and was made well aware of her shopping and women intuition. She seemed very proud of this God given gift and too be honest I actually appreciated it at the time. It wasn’t until after I left and wandered through the mall searching for my friends as they mindlessly roamed the mall window shopping that I started to link my experience to the essay of Fiske’s. 

The need to browse and try on shoes they were never going to buy and the need for this woman to “save” me were perfect examples of “proletarian shopping” and the idea of shopping as an empowering achievement to women. Both these examples are directly related to the social practices Fiske stresses throughout his essay and both encounters strengthened his argument in my mind because it brought his main points to life.


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