Jessica Abdilla- MTV Cribs and Conspicuous Consumption

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

When speaking about conspicuous consumption in class, I immediately thought about the television show ‘Cribs’; on this program celebrities literally show off the luxury homes, cars and general products they own to an MTV representative. Conspicuous consumption ties to Cribs directly for it involves acquiring and indulging in luxury goods and services to show off one’s economic power. Celebrities in particular have vast amounts of monetary wealth to spend, and by showing off the wealth one has through the goods they consume they are able to solidify their ‘celebrity’ title. Purchasing everything from seaside mansions to vintage art, celebrities are able to gain status and a sense of power that puts them above members of the lower class. Showing through cribs that they are able to spend their income on luxury, celebrities engage in deliberate acts of conspicuous consumption.


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