Courtney Bruce – Materialism

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

In this week’s reading the focus is on materialism.  In our society getting and spending is always occurring.  Twitchell says, “We live through things.  We create ourselves through things.  And we change ourselves by changing our things”.  I believe this is true people love things and love to buy things.  Anyone can buy anything even if they do not have the money.  This therefore frees people from restrictions of social class.  People are extremely caught up in purchases and not just the object but the name of the object.  People always want the newest things even if they already have one.  They buy because they can.  An example is the iPhone.  There are many kinds but people always want the newest one even if there “old” one works fine.  They just want the newest version because they can get it not because they need it.


  1. cs341blog says:

    Matt Douglas

    I think that your points on Twitchell are really interesting. I like that Twitchell says, “We live through things. We create ourselves through things. And we change ourselves by changing our things”.

    It is interesting to note the cycle of things and how hard it is to escape the practice. I agree with the point that people are always wanting the newest thing even if they already have one. There is kind of a status achieved in having the newest most relevant gadget. All this obsession occurs in the face of how illogical it is to buy things because they will reflect your status and belonging to a certain group.

  2. cs341blog says:

    Lexie Stevens
    I also agree with Twitchell and his ideas on how we feel about things. We are a society that is obsessed with stuff, we always want more than what we have and we will put ourselves in serous dept to achieve it. We do not want others to think that we can not afford to have what they have. because a status is achieved by having so much stuff, but is the status worth the amount of dept we are going to be in? We seem to think so because we are still consonantly purchasing new things

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