Anastasia Edwards – Quiz #2

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

When I went shopping I noticed that a lot of people fell under what he considers “proletarian shopping” where a lot of people have the intention to window shop and not purchase anything. But because a lot of people do this for social interaction it contributes to our consumerist society and allows great amounts of consumption in 1 trip.

In terms of Women’s place in the mall, I think that perspective has changed throughout history because now malls have stores for both genders and are advertised for both genders. Although one thing that I noticed while I was shopping was that different stores attracted different type of people, when I went the US and Canada Olympic hockey games was on and the Sony store was playing it and you could see a bunch of men watching the game. Where as more women just went about their shopping. So although store are more targeted towards both genders, it is still more of a social thing for women.

Also the point of social class within malls and how we talked about in class where people will use the shopping bags to show what they buy, like the lululemon bags are compared to target.

Lastly, The way that consumption gives the shoppers the power is still very clear in shopping, for example when I went into say Michael Kors where the employees get paid commission, they are trying to get me to buy something and are constantly at my service with any questions I have giving me the power to choose whatever I want, although Fiske talks about a sense of control over general consumption, this becomes clear with the type of service you get from employees of certain stores. 


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