Marissa Johnston- Quiz #2

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

When I was home for reading week I drove to my local mall willingly for this assignment and for my pleasure. After reading Fiske’s article, I have become more observant to the kinds of shoppers that occupy the mall. I noticed the young teens who can be referred to as “tricksters” as they are not buying anything. They are just there to occupy space and turn it into a meeting and hangout place. I recall myself doing that when I was younger, back when there wasn’t much to do for an underage pre-teen as the movies and hanging out at the mall seemed to be the go-to activities. I myself, remember just parading through the mall, going into some shops, trying things on, but never buying. Another aspect I became aware of was what Fiske would call “proletarian” shopping or window shopping. I myself fall under this category sometimes as I do not always go to the mall with the intention of making a purchase. I started recognizing people as i had seen them earlier passing along each store, eventually I realized that everyone, whether it looked like they were looking for something specific or not, was viewing every window they passed and admiring the “visual feast”.. 


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