Jessica Abdilla- Participatory Culture and Veronica Mars

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Jessica Abdilla- Participatory Culture and Veronica Mars

As mentioned in Mark Deuze’s article on convergence culture, the nature of media is dramatically changing. Rather than companies having full power over passive consumers, individuals online can actively create and shape media discourse. Writing consumer critiques, creating memes and even engaging with the corporate sector through social networks, consumers are able to control business affairs and monitor political affairs. Kickstarter in particular is a crowd-funding website where consumers have immense power: they decide which commercial platforms are worth investing in, fund platforms they believe in and impact both the development and distribution of funded commercial goods. Veronica Mars fans recently interacted with the program’s creator (Rob Thomas) through Kickstarter and raised over $5.7 million for The Veronica Mars Movie to be created. Becoming investors in a major Hollywood film, Veronica Mars fans actively took power into their own hands. In a digital world, consumers resist passivity and are able to blend public and private spheres of communication.
Here is a link to more information about The Veronica Mars Movie for anyone interested:


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