Keltie Johnson – Pepsi versus Chanel advertisements

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

In Friday class (February 28), we watched a film that compared the 20 million dollar Chanel ad and the 20 million dollar Pepsi ad. The Chanel advertisement had Nicole Kidman walking down a red carpet, and then a shot of her on top of a building with ‘Chanel’ lit up in lights. The ad is very glamorous and portrays Chanel as a very luxurious brand. The Pepsi advertisement, on the other hand, took that 20 million dollars and allowed consumers to submit ideas on different causes that could use the money. The chosen causes were documented and put in an advertisement. The result was that the Pepsi ad became way more popular than the Chanel ad. There are a couple possible explanations for this. Perhaps, the Pepsi ads are more relatable for the average consumer than the Chanel ad could be. Another reason that came to mind, was that people love a good story. Referencing my last post (on the Budweiser ‘BestBuds’ ad), people like stories that pull at their heart strings and this is exactly what Pepsi’s ad accomplishes. Another reason why I thought that this ad was so popular is the interactive factor. Consumer’s like to feel as though they are being heard. They are often left to feel as if they are the ‘little guys’ in the grand scheme of things and by asking for the community’s participation, Pepsi recognizes their consumers and wants to give back to the people that made them this mega company. Another, recent example of this interactive factor in advertisement’s is the Lay’s commercial to create a new chip flavour. By allowing this input from buyers, consumers feel like they have a voice, making the company seem like they care about the consumers.




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