Michael Porfirio – Quiz #2 (Fiske)

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

At the very start of the break, I did a big shopping trip with my entire family. We decided to go to Yorkdale because it is not one of the closer malls to us and we felt like a change. I had not been to Yorkdale mall in a very long time, so the style of the place through me off a little. Right away it was apparent that this mall was much higher-class than the malls I regularly go to (Sqaure One, Sherway). Practically every store was a high designer store, and even the food court only had franchises associated with high-class such as Sushi and steak sandwiches. Despite being the weekend, the mall was not as busy as one might think. Perhaps this is because there is only a certain demographic of people who can afford to shop at this mall. 

When Fiske mentions businesses establishing an identity, what first came to my mind was the Apple store. The entire aura of the Apple store looks fresh, clean, and appealing. They have large windows instead of walls and all their products are laid out in front of you in an organized fashion. It is obvious how successful the Apple franchise is, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to the way they portray their brand. In relation to this, I was walking through Yorkdale with my family and I noticed my first ever “Microsoft Store” spotting. Seeing this store made me laugh because it was practically an exact replica of the Apple Store. It is clear that Microsoft noticed how well the design of the Apple store was doing, and they decided to hop on the same boat. Microsoft wanted to be a part of that sleek identity.

This is the store I saw:


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