Olivia Samuelsen – Quiz #2 (Fiske)

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

At home over the break I went shopping in a local mall with my mother. As it was a Saturday night the mall was not extremely busy.  My mother had said to me earlier that day she wanted to buy something new, so we spent a couple hours of our Saturday evening shopping. On our trip we had bought something from a majority of the stores we entered. My mother’s comment on buying something new and purchasing multiple items for the spring season to come, relates directly to Fiske’s reading. Fiske discusses women’s desire to be up to date on trends, purchasing not only items of newness but “nowness,” buying items with the thought of the future in mind. While shopping, there were a growing number of people going to the dressing rooms, trying on the clothes before buying them. I myself was also guilty of this, and asked the sales assistant for her opinion on which product looked better. This relates to what Fiske’s says about women controlling their looks, so they can control how they are perceived by others. During our experience I had also noticed that the higher end stores had minimalistic window decor, expressing little to none in their displays, and some did not show much visibility into the store. In comparison to the other stores, especially the stores with discounts going on, which had much busier decor in their window displays. This relates directly to Fiske’s reading when he talks about the differences between the “middle-class” and “upper-class” stores. Fiske states that the point of “upper-class” stores lack of visibility and window displays is to create exclusivity. Meanwhile, “middle-class” stores are supposed to be more inviting and display the variety of goods inside says Fiske. The difference between “upper-class” and “middle-class” store displays is to show the division between social identity and the tastes of different classes.


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