Quiz #2 – Jordan Christensen

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

When Fiske first begins talking about shopping malls, he relates them to religion. He claims that in today’s society, people worship material goods and that malls are the place in which they have the ability to do so. After going to the mall, I realized that Fiske is correct. When walking into the store Tiffany, I noticed that many people were window-shopping. Since many of the items the store has to offer are expensive, people would go to view the jewelry and then leave after ‘worshiping’ the beauty of a material item. This is relative because Fiske referred to shopping malls as the “cathedrals of consumption.” Through window-shopping I can see this to be true, because even though people did not have the intention of buying something they still went to view material items.

Another point Fiske makes in his article, is that people feel forced to buy items when they are at shopping centers. This was another statement that I strongly agree with. When I was at the mall, I happened to be with friends that were buying certain named brand clothes. I did not want to be the only one not to buy anything, so I ended up purchasing clothes as well. When you go to the mall it is also an investment of your time. I did not want to have walked around for hours without purchasing something.


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