Kimberly H – Twitchell on Materialism

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

In “Two Cheers for Materialism” Twitchell points out how as a nation of consumers, an individual can never have enough things. He refers to Americans consuming more and more things and never noticing when the amount of possessions is enough (p. 283). By possessing many materialistic things, we feel superior, important, and defined. Many people seek to buy new items as a way to create fulfillment from buying those things, as well as being able to show the value of those items. We are currently living in a society where more is better, and as mentioned in the Story of Stuff video shown in class, there is a perceived obsolescence that forces us to buy new things even if that means replacing something that does not need to be replaced. Consumers get the feeling of freedom by being able to buy what they want and this is an aspect of materialism and consumerism that creates pleasure and happiness from buying things. It is said that “money can’t buy happiness”, however, for some it most certainly can. The materialistic possessions that many obtain such as cars, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc., makes some consumers genuinely happy in being able to purchase what they want at their own expense.

Do you think that possessions have the ability to define an individual? Do you agree or disagree that the lifestyle you live is related to the items you buy?


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