Yogurt: the food of women? Mackenzie McGraw-Yan

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

I found this video to be a perfect compliment to Susan Bordo’s article “Hunger as Ideology” as it talks about the fascination, relationship and obsession women have to yogurt. The video explains yogurt’s role in the maintenance of the female diet as well a digestive aid. Interestingly enough, yogurt is arguably solely advertised to women with very few (if any) commercials containing men.

In Bordo’s article, she talks about the emergence and increasing popularity of the slender figure in the 1980s and 1990s; such physique was associated with both beauty and success (102). She makes an interesting point by stating that although parts of society can afford to eat well, they diet instead, and are constantly aware of what they are putting into their body (103). Aside from the diet aspect of food, Bordo explains how there is also a gender ideology attached to it. More specifically, women are rarely shown indulging in rich and fattening foods- it is simply a taboo. It only appears as more understandable when a women is pregnant or visibly malnourished (108). Aside from this, Bordo claims that food is also frequently constructed as an object of sexual desire; women are again restricted and tend to only be allowed to consume such rich foods in small portions (109). Thus women consume rich food (cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.) via a “harmless low-calorie product” instead (109). An example being cheesecake yogurt, which isn’t nearly as satisfying as the real thing (obviously). I agree with Bordo in the sense that advertisements and marketers aren’t only selling food products but also attempting to teach appropriate behaviour and value systems (110). An example of such occurrence, I would argue, would be the marketing of yogurt to women as both a dietary product and a guilt-free indulgence.


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