Shelley Zimner- How Chanel Revolutionized Women’s Fashion

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Elizabeth Wilson’s article presents a debate about whether women’s fashion and its obsessive culture is oppressive, or empowering. I argue that fashion is amongst the ultimate forms of self expression and self identity and is thus empowering. Coco Chanel exemplifies the power that clothing holds to change a person, or in this case an entire gender. With her countless revolutionary changes to women’s fashion, Chanel made women’s clothing comfortable, practical and most importantly flexible. More so, Chanel achieved all this while maintaining an image of women that was independent and classy – two adjectives that oppose Wilson’s feminist views on fashion and women. This short video, which belongs to a larger chain illustrates Chanel’s modernist and empowering approach to women’s clothing.


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