Hunger as Ideology – Michael Porfirio

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

The reading by Susan Bordo explains how an ideology is created around the way men and women are “suppose” to eat. Beer and restaurant commercials have no problems showing men scarfing down a plate of wings or a rack of ribs. On the other hand, women are always portrayed eating small little snacks like crackers and dip, or the most common one of all… yogurt. 

It’s something that can easily go unnoticed in advertising, and it wasn’t until I read the Bordo article for me to realize that I had come across a video a while ago that made a parody of this entire situation. 

The writer and creator of the video is a girl named Megan Amram. She’s a female comedian who is now a head writer for the TV show Parks and Recreation. She is (in my opinion) by far the funniest person on twitter: @MeganAmram

Here is her parody video making fun of TV ads and how they only ever market two products to women:


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