Kendra Lytle-Why is this controversial?

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Uncategorized


Why is this Oreo Barbie Doll controversial? Why if this Barbie was white would it be acceptable?

  1. cs341blog says:

    I found this video very interesting and also shocking. I am unsure as to if this is actually a real toy but if it is I am surprised that Marvel actually agreed to market this. I have realized that many of the posts this past week have concentrated on Barbie Dolls and their signification of racism as well as body image issues – I am interested as to how others see this effecting our age group, since most of the Barbie Doll consumers are much younger. Do you think there is a substitute product that influences females in particular during their 20s? Maybe real models in the media as opposed to Barbie Dolls for example

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