Marissa Johnston- Fashion, hunger and consumption

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I came across this image on Facebook and found it to be fitting for what was discussed in fridays lecture. Many of the women that were considered desirable in the past, would not be considered sex symbols today.  Marilyn Monroe was said to be between the sizes of 14 and 16, and today would probably not be considered a model at all as women are now desiring to be a size 0.  A concept that struck me is that those who can afford to eat are on diets and remain hungry and people who can not afford to eat wish they could. In contrast to how in the past having a thicker body size was a sign of wealth and higher status because it showed that you could afford to eat well. Where as the lower class would be very thin as they did not have adequate nutrition and worked manual labour jobs. Image

  1. cs341blog says:

    Lexie Stevens
    I have also seen this picture before and have always found it to be very interesting. Why have are mindsets changed so drastically in what we find to be beautiful. We should not have one ideal body types we need to be embracing all of them. Every women is built differently and is going to carry there weight in a different way, we should be looking at all and thinking they are beautiful. But we are only ever shown one type of body image in the media and that is thin. Take the Victoria Secret fashion show, all of those models are so very tiny and every year it airs social media fills with girls talking about how pretty these models are and the fact that they are going to the gym the next day. Even now what we consider to be a plus size model is a size 8. That is the size of an average women, it use to be that a size 16 would be considered a plus size model. The images that we are shown in the media, are having a large effect on us and are relationships with food and beauty. We need to start see more diversity in the media for ideals o begin to change.

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