Christopher G. – Spoof Ads

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

After our class on fashion, hunger, and consumption, I came across a few interesting things on the internet. One was a website filled with a bunch of spoofs on advertisements such as Nike ads, and Absolute Vodka ads. They also happened to have some fashion ads that they made fun of. Most of these ads were making fun of comparing the models in ads to ‘normal’ people. There was a Calvin Klein ad depicting a guy with no abs and a hairy chest with the title “Reality, For Men”. This is making fun of the fact that not all guys are hairless nor do they all have defined abs. Another ad which I came across, which was more closely linked to what we talked about in class, was a photo of Kate Moss which said, “Feed Me”. It touches on the idea of models being anorexic or starving themselves to obtain a certain look, shape, or size. 

See the Kate Moss ad here:


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