Dolls of the World- Braveen Ravivarman

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

In Toy Theory: Black Barbie and the Deep Play of Difference by Ann Ducille, dealt with the issues with Barbie dolls which deals with the means of expanding to other international niche markets. Barbie is known for it’s Doll of the World collection. The collection deals with normal Barbies dyed in the dominant visual colour of that country and dress it up with local traditional clothing. We may think Mattel is doing a good job, but they’re implementing the ideology of culture appropriation (the adoption of one aspect of a a culture and used by another culture). It is usually evident that culture appropriation represents negative stereotypes like Asians having small eyes, Africans Americans having big lips and South Asian females wearing a big red dot, while still having the tradition white barbie body (skinny, tall and the “perfect” body). It maybe smart that they are trying to increase the profit margin, but is it worth it by portraying negative stereotypes in their product line? 



  1. cs341blog says:

    Lexie Stevens
    I understand that by doing this it is beneficial to their profit but I do not think that it is worth it. These negative stereotypes are being portrayed to very young impressionable children. Young children should not be given toys to play with that have a negative stereotype in them. These dolls should be properly representative of a culture and race. And I am not sure if they are not going to do it properly if they should even be attempting it in the first place. Every young child deserves the right to see themselves in a barbie, with that being said it should not ever make them feel about who they are, it should make them think wow I am beautiful

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