Emily Wilmot- Objectifying women in advertisements

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The movie “Killing Us Softly 4” addressed the objectification of women in advertising, particularly how women are turned into things. The documentary points out that women are being de-humanized. This is illustrated through many examples, including the commercial where a women is turned into a keg of Heineken. In this ad, a robotized woman enters the room wearing a short, tight dress, pulls a keg out of her stomach and pours it into a glass. To further prove this point, she is a robot and, therefore, has no personality, purely being classified as a passive object. According to the film, “Men learn to do it and women are taught to watch and accept it” without complaint or comment. This is one of many ways women are objectified in the media. I thought this was a prominent topic in this weeks class and that it is worth seeing the commercial. At first glance this may seem harmless, however, it is not giving women full worth as a human being. 

  1. cs341blog says:

    After watching this video and reading Emily’s analysis on the topic of women as objects I thought I would share an advertisement I cam across a little while ago. It is a poster ad for Aston Martin used cars and it is outrageous! Women are clearly objectified here and compares the woman in the advertisement to a “used” car. The sexually implicit ad was not released in North America and it is very clear why. Unlike many of the examples shown in the “Killing Us Softly” video and the Heineken commercial Emily has shared, this poster is so blatant in its sexual objectification of women that I can only assume they are looking for viewers to find it humorous.

    – Tyler Stothers

  2. […] Min inställning till reklam är lite dubbel. Å ena sidan tycker jag det är fascinerande att se hur reklamens bildspråk förmår att tala till oss och kanske väcka tankar vi inte visste att vi hade; å andra sidan anser jag det beklagligt att den på ett ibland obehagligt sätt förmedlar, och konserverar, värderingar som jag själv definitivt tar avstånd från. Framför allt tänker jag på objektifieringen av kvinnor. Den serveras otroligt elegant och estetiskt i reklam för allt möjligt: skor, brödröstar, strykjärn, och bilar. Klickar du här kan du läsa lite mer om det här problemet. […]

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