Sean McGregor – Quiz #4 Culturejamming (Stella Artois Ad)

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

For this weeks quiz I have chosen a Stella Artois billboard advertisement that displays the concept of “Culture Jamming” as introduced by Lasn.In this ad we can distinguish that a portion of the ads text has been washed out so that the ad reads “she is a thing”, originally the ad read “she is a thing of beauty”. The gaze in which both the male and female also plays a role as the women is clearly looking at the glass of Stella Artois while the male could be looking at both the glass of beer and the women. This clearly degrades the identity of women as we can see their sense of identity is categorized to be a “thing” in the contexts of this ad. I believe this also alludes to the great picture of how women are largely objectified in a majority of advertisements involving alcohol.


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