Clare Harper – Culture Jamming

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Primarily, culture jamming can be defined as the act of using existing media (posters, bus-ads, billboards, etc.) to analysis or comment on that particular media itself. The use of fake adverts, hoax news stories, computer hacking, etc. works to subvert the power of the media, government, and large corporations to control and alter the information relayed to the public in promoting consumerism. Culture jamming actions have one main intention: to challenge or disrupt the traditional advertising discourse through the implementation of creativity and subversion. 

Image ( Bottom says: “this is what I think whenever I see Pepsi Ads)

This example of culture jamming demonstrates Lasn’s idea of culture jamming by taking a Pepsi ad and altering to produce a different message than what is intended within the ad. While Pepsi tries to illustrate simplicity, showing their image that is recognized by most of society, this culture jamming action shows the problems with the product. Often fast food is used within culture jamming actions because of fast food companies constant strive to make their products seem positive and “good,” however since most of them are unhealthy, culture jamming is often used to make fun, or create negativity around the company. Here is another example: 





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