Courtney Bruce – Cool Hunting

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

After today’s lecture and reading Malcolm Gladwell’s chapter, The Coolhunt I was really interested in the idea of “cool hunting”. I never really thought about it before that this is actually some people do. Cool is constantly changing. As soon as people know what cool is it is no longer cool. It makes sense to me because you can see that in today’s fashion trends. However at the same time it is crazy how fast things can change. I find it interesting that these “cool hunters” do not go after cool items, but cool people. Due to the fact that cool things are constantly changing cool people are not and therefore that is how thy find cool, through people. Although I had never necessarily known what cool hunting was I have heard of it before. I had found this Cool Hunting website that has so many categories and features. Anything you want to look up you can and you can see what is cool and popular right now and it is constantly changing. I can see how this happens. When I see someone with a unique style I definitely think about trying it myself or something that is similar. If I noticed it I know others will too and eventually instead of it being unique it will be the norm.

  1. cs341blog says:

    Just like Courtney mentioned, the concept of ‘cool hunting’ is an interesting topic. Malcolm Gladwell’s article was really intriguing to read because that occupation sounds really fun and is very unique. Reading about Baysie Wightman and Dee Dee Gordon’s lifestyles made me realize how crucial it is for designers, advertisers and marketers to know what is ‘cool.’ I never thought about how they gathered this information, but it makes a lot of sense now. In the article it stated that the “key to cool hunting is to look for cool people first and cool things later, not the other way around” (Gladwell). With the changing economy and market, it would be useless to look at the cool things because a week later, they could be obsolete. In the video Merchants of Cool, the target market and focus groups were largely talked about. It was illustrated that teenagers are the primary target market due to their disposable income and desire to ‘fit’ in and be up to date with the latest trends. Focus groups were used by marketers to gain intel on what was ‘cool’ but they had trouble inspiring discussion from them until they were given a series of pictures and asked to determine what was ‘cool’.
    I found online that iTunes has a cool hunting app for Apple products that give people the latest news and trends for cool hunting, which proves how important and widespread this phenomenon is. ( )

    Katelyn Roetcisoender

    • cs341blog says:

      Matt Douglas

      I think it is interesting how you bring up that Baysie Wightman and Dee Dee Gordon’s lifestyles are crucial it is for designers and for advertisers and marketers to know what is ‘cool.’ I think that the process of cool hunting represents an interesting concept when one considers how fleeting the definition of cool actually is? Cool seems to be the evasive and ephemeral object that jumps around from past to future, but never really remains in the present.

  2. cs341blog says:

    Elaina Christaki

    It is very interesting that what is considered cool is something that has not yet entered the mainstream. This is because as children, we want to do what everyone else is doing because it is ‘cool’. But as teens and adults, being cool is about being different from everyone else. I wonder when this changed, and what facilitated this shift.

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