Culture Jamming – James Di Federico

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Culture jamming is essentially a disruption to the status quo of what an ad or billboard is representing. The goal of this process is to get some sort of emotion or reaction from the bystanders viewing the art, in an attempt to have them question or challenge what is going on in the world. The example I have chosen that best represents Culture Jamming is the graffiti artist by the name of Banksy. Banksy is a political activist, artist, and film producer. His artwork often times will be a manipulation of its canvas and/or will have a message challenging part of the current status quo. One of his most prominent example of culture jamming is shown beneath, as he makes a parody of the film the Wizard of Oz. The character, Dorothy,  is known worldwide as being this innocent, young southern girl, yet Banksy has her depicted being searched by a police officer to see what she has in her basket. At the time of its release, this picture was a challenge to the police intervention in the “Occupy” protests, however it is now more prevalent than ever; with the whole NSA spying scandal, it is clear that the government literally has their hand in everything. Banksy perfectly illustrates this idea, by portraying one of the most innocent characters in film as being corrupted by the government.




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