Toy Theory- Jocelyn Bovay

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the reading on Toy Theory, I found the ideas pretty interesting and actually very relatable. DuCille states in the opening page of her article that Barbies are marketed as role models for girls. She then goes on to discuss how they used to come with special undergarments which suggested items they should anticipate to own themselves one day. I don’t remember any of my barbies coming with bras growing up, but I do remember the very small amount of clothing or itty bitty bikinis they would come with. I remember thinking growing up that I wanted dresses like barbie and things like that. DuCille also states, “A kind of basic training designed to lure little girls into the adult world of clothes, cosmetics and consumption” which I believe is true in that I know from once being that little girl, if Barbie wore it, it had to be nice and you had to get new outfits for all your barbies, and shoes, and houses etc. This is much like what a girls’ life turns into- needing a new outfit to go to the dance, new shoes to match an old outfit, having to make sure you look perfect- much like barbie does. It’s essentially setting little girls up for what the rest of their lives will be like. When DuCille discusses the new barbies of different skin tones and cultural backgrounds and states that young girls even of those cultures that the barbies were marketed towards, were saying that they wanted a real barbie (i.e. white barbie) I couldn’t help but think as a kid I didn’t have one barbie that wasn’t white growing up which is how they were marketed as well. I had white barbies because I recognized them as what I thought was normal/real as a kid because that was my skin tone, which is the idea that DuCille presents in her article. 

  1. cs341blog says:

    Lexie Stevens
    I would agree with the points that you have brought up from the article. I think when young girls are introduced to barbies they feel that they will grow to be just like her. They are setting up young girls expectations from the clothing she wears to the types of things that she does. Many young girls do see barbie as a role model, and the problem with this is that barbie is not real. Her body figure is not attainable by a real person, and this is the image that young girls are first shown. They are looking up to role model that they will never be able to be like. We need to have a barbie that young girls can look up to that is attainable someone who is not solely based on their looks.

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