Danielle Wong – Mindless Consumption

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

As we’ve seen in previous examples and discussions in class, the advertising world has infiltrated deeply into the recesses of our minds. Whether it encourages consumption practices or just continuous recognition of the brand, the massified distribution of these ads appears to be limitless and inescapable. I thought this videoclip was a humorous example of the industry and it’s affects on others. It appears to represent the various industries (financial trade, distributors, agriculture) involved in the production processes and depicts their dependence on one another. It’s become a vicious cycle of production, distribution and consumption. Any small disruption within this cycle appears to instigate catastrophic problems. Even the epic music in the commercial builds anxiety and tension! Near the end of the clip it shows a baby who is entertained by the “buttons” on the tablet; not really knowing what he/she is doing. Marketing affects us in different ways and we can easily be blinded by the face value rather than the potential ethical, political, social, and economic ramifications on society.


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