Emily Wilmot- Cool Hunting and Trent Spotting

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

As we learned in class, cool hunters predict new trends or changes in existing trends. These people look for these trends before they become known or “officially cool.” This is a tool used by marketers to find out trends that are cool and import them into the industry. As we saw in the video Merchants of Cool, these marketers target youth because they have disposable income and are willing to spend their money on trends that are in style. These teens often have part time jobs where they spend their money on changing trends. A lot of these youth also have access to their parents money and therefore do the most spending, which allows cool hunters to reach a large consumer base. Cool hunters sell their findings to large corporations, allowing these organizations to target their marketing to a specific demographic to ensure success. Cool hunters gather their information through focus groups and online. An example of cool hunting has been done by Red Bull. In the past, they have filled garbage cans near nightclubs with empty Red Bull cans so that their target market believe it is a fashionable, cool new thing to drink. This is a free way to advertise and trigger top of mind awareness, potentially influencing buying behaviour. Cool hunting is often focused on the fashion industry as new trends are constantly emerging. Fashion magazines can benefit from hiring cool hunters who can provide photos of upcoming trends. 


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