Michael Porfirio – Cool Hunting

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I know a lot of people have been discussing “Cool Hunting” on the blog since we last spoke of it in class, so I figured I would contribute. I remember in class we looked at two adults who had two entirely different approaches to figuring out what is “cool”. I think as a class, we all agreed that the woman who walked around taking photos and videos of teens seemed to have the best method. I agree, she was collecting a lot more valuable information than the man who pulled three boys into his office; however, I don’t truly believe either of them are making any significant progress. I think the only way to genuinely find out what is cool is to be submerged in the demographic. Perhaps this is an impossible task for an adult looking for answers, but maybe this is an opportunity for teens and young adults to prove their value. I think both businesses should have a team of carefully selected students who are “cool”, not carefully selected adults who were once “cool”.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for a company to hire the people who actually embrace this culture they are trying so hard to understand? 


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