Kendra Lytle -Cottage Life: Simple Life?

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ever wonder why majority of people love going to the cottage? Why is it that “Great Escape”? Simple. It’s simple. As soon as you enter cottage country, the air is crispier, that invisible weight on your shoulders miraculously dissipates into thin air, waving to strangers is acceptable and time seems to become a non-existent entity. If my parents could be at our cottage all the time; they would. This is because the cottage promotes a life style of relaxation, family, love, fun, recreation and just a simpler life style. It is human nature to want these parts of life…truly the answer to our high-speed, high-strung lives is right in our face; and that’s just what we naturally want to do. Would I rather write an essay, or be outside playing road hockey? Our global culture has evolved into an inescapable trap of having to do things humans do not naturally want to do, and that is all for money. Of course, this is why “Voluntary Simplicity and the New Global Challenge” by Duane Elgin is an important chapter because it explains the ways in which we can avoid all of the unnecessary extra our culture exposes us to. Balancing and integrating both inner and outer aspects of our lives creates a simpler life; it makes us as citizens become critically thinking participants of our culture allowing us to avoid anything that is optional yet takes away from what we value.

Here’s a video of tubing at a cottage, because why not?!

****Skip to 1:00

  1. cs341blog says:

    Kendra, I really like that you chose to discuss cottages as an example of voluntary simplicity. Although ironically it is only another luxury, cottages provide a modern, more attainable way to live simply. Cottages provide an outlet for physical activity and creativity while most importantly, they allow people to unplug and recharge by being apart of life’s natural offerings, which I know sounds corny but is true. There is something about waking up only to spend the entire day outdoors with a like minded community that is exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Cottages provide an escape from the fast paced city life and allow time to function more purely without the abundance of technologies that surround us on a daily basis. Purchasing a cottage or spending time at one is a deliberate decision to spend your time being more in touch with nature, less distracted by technology and of course, consciously simple.

    Shelley Zimner

  2. cs341blog says:

    I also liked how you chose cottages as an example of the simple life. For many people, cottages are viewed as a getaway escape from the real-world life and into one that provides a calmer atmosphere and environment. This escape allows for relaxation, and often is a time to unite and bond with family and friends. In the summer, cottages become even more popular since the weather gets hot and going up north to a cottage provides an outlet for creativity and physical activity, as Shelley mentioned. Personally, I know that when I go to visit cottages, it provides a break from mundane, everyday life and it is generally a time when I feel at ease and worry free. It is especially nice when you’re able to go in the lake when the water is warm and be able to just enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I definitely view cottage as a way to live simply, even if that simple life is just temporary.

    – Kimberly H.

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