Politics of Consumption – Jordan Christensen

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

In Schor’s article “Towards a New Politics of Consumption” she discusses how in today’s society people feel the need to buy things in order to keep up with those around them. Unfortunately, people today are more engaged with TV shows and advertisements that make them believe there is a higher standard of living. I agree with this idea. When I was in high school I often watched shows such as 90210, Gossip Girl and The O.C. In each of these shows all of the teenagers wore designer clothes, drove luxury cars and lived in expensive houses. It became a norm seeing lifestyles such as this on TV, making me believe that many people lived this way. When I could not afford to buy things that would make me appear to live a similar lifestyle I was often unhappy about it. This I because I identified myself with these people, leading me to try to ‘keep up’ with there way of live.

            This is why I believe that Schor’s politics of consumption ideas are important. If I focused more on quality of life over quantity of things, I would be more satisfied with my lifestyle. Other policies she discussed such as environmentally sustainable consumption are important factors to consider as well. Though I don’t think many people would reject their habits of consumption, politics of consumption could help to influence society to be more aware of consumer fetishism.

  1. cs341blog says:

    Elaina Christaki

    I think focusing on quality of life versus quantity of things is a great way to be more happy and satisfied in life. Downshifting can be used to help make us see life more simply, which can help us focus on what really matters. This is definitely a “pull for opportunity”, as working less (which means buying less) and being happier is something that is extremely appealing.

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