The simple life- Allie Sanchez

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


This is a video that depicts Elgins thoery of simplistic living. “To live simply is to establish a more direct, unpretentious, and unencumbered relationship with all the aspects of our lives: the things we consume, the work that we do, our relationships with others, our connections with nature and the cosmos, and more” (Elgin 398).

  1. Mike Stoikos says:

    This is a good depiction of the simple life according to Elgin because he incorperates many elements that make up the voluntary simplicity lifestyle. For example, these people are free and purposefully with a minimum of needless distraction such as material wealth and others thoughts of them. They don’t live a pretentious lifestyle that would add extraenous stressors like many do in a consumer society like ours. Additionally, in doing so they are living a more deliberate, intentional, and purposeful life that combines elements of sincerity and honesty while disregarding the ‘exterior clutter’ that is all around us.

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