Jessica Abdilla- The 100 Mile Challenge

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

On Food Network a few years ago there was a television program called ‘The 100 Mile Challenge’, where a small group of people volunteered to only consume foods produced within a 100-mile radius of their town for one hundred days. Whether taking on the challenge to improve their diet or indulge in a thrilling experience, individuals involved immensely struggled to adhere to a locavore diet. Though the 100-Mile Challenge was incredibly difficult to adhere to, people who embraced it were able to engage higher levels family leisure-time, gain information about agricultural sustainability, rid themselves of negative consumption habits and finally were healthier and happier after the process. Tying to Elgin and Schor’s readings concerning a green politics of consumption, the 100 Mile-Challenge helped individuals look past commodity fetishism and realize the amount of effort that goes into food production. Because participants freely chose to become locavores for one hundred days, Elgin’s concept of voluntary simplicity directly applies to them. Consciously slowing down their fast-paced lives to engage in local consumption practices, the majority of individuals featured on the program felt fulfillment and found promise for a positive future.


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