Leanne Curlew – Objectification of Women in Ads

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized


Leanne Curlew – Objectification of Women in Ads

This is a link for a TEDxYouth conference where Caroline Heldman discusses a concept called ‘the sexy lie’.  I found this fitting for our course becaue she looks at the objectification of females in advertisements.  This is an example of critically analyzing ads so it relates to the course topic in general. Here is the link:


  1. cs341blog says:

    I thought that this youtube video communicates how Photoshop and the objectification of women in the media has been taken too far. This video shows how a piece of pizza can be altered and adjusted to form an image of a women. Here one can see that viewers should not always take advertisements seriously, especially when it comes to images of women as they might not be real people. This further shows how viewers should not feel bad about themselves and compare themselves to ads as there is no way of knowing if the model is even a real person. This links to the film “Killing Us Softy 4” as it discussed how some pictures of models seen in a magazine are actually a unification of more than one person in order to get the perfect look.
    Furthermore, this video also represents how women are objectified in the media as the video shows that women aren’t that important as technology has development in a way that can replace women with a piece of pizza.

    Anne-Marie MacNeill

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