Olivia Samuelsen – Quiz #4

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized


This image is an example of culture jamming as described by Lasn in the reading. The image depicts Disney characters looking tired and miserable while doing work. The Disney characters are set working in a messy environment, using sewing machines. This image represents the use of sweatshops by Disney. The messy environment and the sad tired looks on the Disney characters faces represents the poor and unhappy working environments as well as the overworked poorly treated workers of the Disney sweatshops. This example debunks the happy, caring and charming front that the Disney company puts up for consumers in their products and their advertisements. It displays the hidden truth behind the origin of their products and their manufacturing practices. It displays their tactics for reducing expenses and increasing profits, through the use of sweatshops and using unfair cheap labour practices.


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