Olivia Samuelsen – Quiz #5

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
  1. Favourite &/or Least Favourite Reading, Why?

My favourite reading was “The Coolhunt” by Malcolm Gladwell. It was my favourite reading because it was an enjoyable read and it read very much like a novel. The coolhunt is an interesting topic, as many would not think about coolhunters while buying products or where the ideas came from for the products. My least favourite reading would have to be the article “Advertising as Cultural Criticism: Bill Bernbach versus the Mass society” by Thomas C. Frank. I did not enjoy this reading as I found it to be kind of a dry read. Although there were some valid points made about different advertising techniques and company structures that changed throughout history it did not interest me.

Favourite &/or Least Favourite Topic, Why?

My favourite topic throughout the course was the week we discussed trend-spotting, hip advertising, and culture jamming. I liked this topic and enjoyed reading the articles that were assigned that week. I found them intriguing and that they related well to my interests. It was a cool topic to think critically about and develop discussions on.

Topics that would be cool to cover?

Apart from the topics we covered this semester it would be interesting to learn about specific case studies of advertising fiascos as well as more statistical advertising aspects. A lesson on international ads and advertising tactics would also be interesting to learn about.

Structure of course activities?

I think it would have been cool to have an assignment that provided a more artistic aspect to it. Something like having a group or individual project to create an advertisement. Another idea for an assignment would be to have groups in which we would be assigned a company and would have to come up with a series of advertisements for them, how it would differ and gather the attention of consumers, and the areas in which the advertisements would be placed. It could also include a presentation to the class as if they were our clients. Overall, I quite liked the structure of the course activities although I think blog activities every week could have been reduced to every other week.


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