Quiz #5 – Jeffery Larabee

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I would have to say my favorite reading for this class would have to be “Voluntary Simplicity and the New Global Village” by Duane Elgin. Not only because it shows the issues of consumer capitalism, but because it also presents a solution. He discusses how to live a simpler more balanced life and how it can help others around the world rather than being caught up with material possessions. 

The most enjoyable lecture that I have gone to this semester would be lecture 6 where we looked at the different forms of consumption and leisure. It was very interesting to discover how different people show their wealth weather it be from owning expensive things to going on expensive trips. 

I think a topic that would have been interesting to cover would be advertising in Canada in comparison to the United States. Do we use different advertising practices? Are there different laws which restrain us from using certain advertisements? How well do we compete withe the United States?

For further remarks I would only suggest moving the class onto another day rather than Fridays, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable experience. 


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