Tim Rocke – Going Shopping!

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

In this week’s lesson we discussed conspicuous consumption and shopping, and were tasked with going shopping and applying what we learned to our experience. Conspicuous consumption, or the act of spending money on luxury items in an attempt to display economic power, can be seen at every mall you go to. In this specific example, I went to the local mall in Waterloo. As a student with little disposable income, I was ignored at the jewelry stores I walked into – I did not appear to have economic power and therefore would not be shopping there. It was also apparent in stores like H&M that their product lines are influenced by this theory. They produce clothes that appear to be high end, but at a low cost, to allow those of us like myself with little disposable income, to spend our money on cheap clothes that still give off a rich appearance, giving the illusion of economic power. 


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