Tim Rocke – Social Media Marketing

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized


This infographic illustrates the positive outcomes of social media marketing in 2013. There are a few important take aways from this. First, it states that only 74% of CMO’s believe that social media will translate to hard ROI this year. It also states that 64% of marketers are implementing social media into marketing plans. Although presented as a positive point within the framing of this infographic, this data shows that social media marketing is still not on-par with more orthodox forms of advertising. No other forms of marketing would be implemented without a clear thought that it would create a solid return on investment, nor would any other form of marketing material be used without it first being in a marketing plan. These two points alone highlight that whether social media marketing is effective or not, it still has a log way to go to be seen as a legitimate player in the industry, alongside tried and tested orthodox methods. 


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