Tim Rocke – Toshiba Denies New Ad Is Homophobic

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized


The article listed above explains Buzzfeed’s distaste of Toshiba’s new ad campaign targeted at college-aged men. The specific ad in question depicts a young man who asks his roommate for his hand-written notes from his tablet. The roommate sends the wrong document, which is his doodle of a muscle-clad centaur-like figure. He is embarrassed when he realizes, and his roommate seems weirded out and disgusted. 

Although meant to be light-hearted, it is clear in a time of open-mindedness and inclusivity that advertisers need to be more careful in what they are depicting. Although I am sure most people would find it strange to see their roommate of any gender drawing sexualized pictures of mythical creatures, the frame it which it was presented made in homophobic and therefore, inappropriate. 

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