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Hi All,

One of you sent me an email asking about the Marx reading and it’s inherent impenetrability. This was my answer, as I thought it might be useful:

I’m not surprised you found it difficult–I find it difficult. It is a very dense piece of economic theory. It is useful for us to read it because of the number of other readings we will have that refer to it, but that doesn’t mean we are going to get it in one go. But yes we will spend the class unpacking it. As with many conceptual things, it can often help to turn to secondary sources. The main take-away concept for this reading is the idea of ‘commodity fetishism’; if you google this term you will find an array of discussions about it (some still quite dense, and some that probably contradict each other) but if you start from shorter definitions, you can start to build up a picture. And don’t worry if it is a slow process, it is for everyone.

If you have questions or thoughts about the reading, please feel free to post them as comments here. Questions in particular will help me sort out what I should focus on in the lecture.

Also, I notice that some of you are using tags in the blog. Great! This is something I forgot to mention, but a great way to keep our discussions organized. I have added a Tag Cloud to the sidebar that will grow as we add tags.


Hi All,

Just a quick note to say I changed some of the blog entries to remove your student numbers. As long as you have your name on a post/comment, I have enough to know who is who, and you don’t want your number out there as data pirates might harvest it for nefarious purposes.


Nathan R – MLS Updated

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hi All,

I have updated My Learning Space with a fresher version of the syllabus (the last contained a few typos in the Short Writings section). Check there if you want an updated version. Also people asked at the end of class if you needed to post to the blog this week, which is a great question.

Ideally, you could make one post to the blog this week, just to get the ball rolling as it were. But as I forgot to mention it in class, you won’t lose any marks if you don’t.

see you tomorrow,


Nathan R – Introduction to the Blog

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi All,

and welcome to the class blog.

As I put in the syllabus, this blog will be used for announcements, posting interesting links and continuing the discussions started by the readings or in class.  Part of your participation mark is based on your level of involvement in the blog and you are expected to post at least one relevant post in the blog per class (or 2 per week).  Your contributions can be in the form of posts (like this one) or comments to posts (see below).  To create a post you will need to log in using the information in the syllabus, or you can use the comment function of the blog to add comments to existing entries without logging in.  To do this simply use the “anonymous comment” function.  In either case, make sure to include your name in the subject line of the post or comment so that we know whose comment is whose.

Feel free to be inventive, to include links to other (appropriate) material you think will add to our discussions, or to use the functions of WordPress to add to everyone’s blogging experience. You can feel free to experiment with the formatting of the blog, add pictures, etc. — just as long as you remember that as anyone can make formatting changes so some might be temporary rather than permanent. Also I would ask you all not to delete anyone else’s posts. If there is anything anyone finds problematic, drop me an email and I will look into it.

All the best and happy blogging!