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Recently, I came across a tweet that read : “Went to pick up some takeout & left my cell phone home – felt like I was missing an organ”. This, once again, left me thinking about our materialistic lifestyles, and the importance of technology and other such advancements in our lives. It has become difficult to differentiate between “what we want” and “what we need”. Cell phones are thought to be one of the most essential tools for survival in today’s consumer society. Though there are alternate methods of staying in touch and communicating, cell phones, text messaging and social networking sites have decreased face-to-face interactions among people. I personally do not own a cell phone, which shocks and surprises many people, especially my fellow students. Since almost every person has a cell phone (rather, a smartphone), it becomes challenging for me at times to get a hold of my friends and classmates. Nevertheless, I have come to learn that I am able to function and live without this piece of technology just fine.
Having said that, it is not necessarily a negative thing. Technological advancements are one of the biggest proofs of a modern society. The question that remains though, is whether such modernism is a sign of living meaningfully well. In an article I read about consumerism, the author asks how we would define a meaningful life, and whether the economy we have today values such a life and helps us create such a life? I personally believe that today’s economy values profit and consumers seek luxury and comfort. Though my definition of living meaningfully consists of less materialism and more humanistic values and simplicity, I know that our economy is still headed towards a faster, advanced, and “glossier” future.

I recommend that you all read the article that I mentioned above: