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Last lecture we read Bourdieu’s article, The Aesthetic Sense as the Sense of Distinction, which touched on concepts of aesthetics, taste and habitus. Aesthetics is defined as the value, meaning, and interpretations of art where taste simply unites artistic and cultural values of a specific social group. Bourdieu’s habitus describes the unconscious dispositions, strategies of classification, and tendencies that are part of an individual’s sense of taste and preference for cultural consumption. This means that different social classes have different habituses with distinct tastes and lifestyles.

This made me think of the example of the posted Ralph Lauren commercial. Besides the random flashing of the product, ladies’ perfume, I’d probably never be able to guess what this is an advertisement for, besides a very pricey lifestyle. This brand encompasses a particular habitus targeting a market and creating an image for itself composed of upper-class tastes and lifestyles. As evident in the commercial, Ralph Lauren believes this consists of the sport polo, mansions, fancy sports cars, beautiful thin people wearing preppy clothing carrying luxurious handbags, yachts – nothing that directly relates to the product it is selling, a scent. Therefore, this shows Bordieu’s habitus as Ralph Lauren would like to appeal to this types of socio-economic consumer, and aims of the brand to represent this particular culture and lifestyle.

Brianna Hill