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Hi All,

The yo-yoing weather has got the better of me and I find myself sick tonight. Rather than subject you to my ill ramblings and a shortened class, I am cancelling our in-class class and giving you a do-it-yourself alternative.

Instead of coming to class, go shopping. To a mall, for preference, but anywhere will do. Go shopping and then make a comment on the blog (attached to this post) relating your shopping experience to the Fiske text on shopping.

This post will count as a reading quiz (since we were going to have one tomorrow). If you post before next Wednesday, and your post relates to the Fiske reading, that is a 2/2 quiz. A later post, or one without a strong link to something in Fiske, will be a more fractional mark.

If you have any questions, drop me an email.

see you next week,


Happy shopping!


Note: You don’t have to buy anything for the assignment, in case you were wondering, just check out the space where shopping happens.