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Madison Hawkins: Last Post

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I came across this website from one of my other classes, but thought that it went well with what we were discussing in our last class. We are all aware of what and how we consume, but do we really ever do anything about it? This link, helps give guidelines on how to live a cleaner consumption lifestyle.

Example of culture jamming

I don’t know if you guys have seen this before, but I thought it was really cool. Enjoy!

I really liked the read bell hooks article, I found it very interesting and it held my attention. I really enjoyed all the discussions we had in class, they were very interesting and I learned a lot.The structure of the class was good! It was something different from all other lectures I had so it was refreshing and I wanted to come to class everyday for the great discussions.

1. Favorite reading and/or least favourite and why.

My favourite reading was Culture Jamming by Kalle Lasn because I really enjoyed finding out what culture jamming is and then realizing how many culture jams I have actually seen without knowing they were culture jams. One of the most interesting examples I found was the Greenpeace jam against Mattel. My least favourite reading was The Fetishism of the Commodity and Its Secret by Karl Marx as I had learned about it in Children Toys and Media. 

2. Favourite topic and/or least favourite and why.

I enjoyed talking about the manipulation of children and the gender stereotypes created through toys. The reading Toy Theory: Black Barbie and the Deep Play of Difference by Ann Ducille was also a good reading for this topic. I enjoyed when we all got to write down our favourite chidlhood toys on the board – it was a great way to introduce the topic.

3. Topics that it would have been great if we also covered: more about children and how they are influenced by consumerism and also how they are influencers in consumerism. 

4. Any other thoughts and reflections on the structure of the course (assignments, activities, discussions). 

I appreciate that you considered the blog as a form of participation, as you knew that some people were not comfortable talking in class. The readings were a great way to get us to critically read the readings, rather than just quickly reviewing them. The essay format was a good way to express and take a look back on what we have learned over the course. 

After going through the course and taking a look back, i have to say my favorite reading had to be ‘The Coolhunt” by Malcolm Gladwell. The reason for this is because of the idea of trying to hunt for something, and to search and find something that in the end really doesn’t exist, and therefore trying to understand and learn about the people who live their entire lives hunting for this perceived cool. My favorite topic was the shopping, and the only reason it was, is because of the quiz we had instead of class that allowed us to go have a whole new perspective on the mall and the way it works from within. If i would have enjoyed to see a topic brought into the course I would have asked for a section of the course to end up being devoted towards the idea of the affects of consumerism within an educational environment, aka elementary and high schools across North America.

A very unique concept of this reading that particularly stood out in my mind was how these shopping malls allow everyone and admit everyone. They don’t play a social preference or race preference. They accept anyone inside their stores to “buy, buy, BUY”! The mall accepts everyone and doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It also allows for people to kill time, browse around, actually shop, or even the occasional “mall walkers”..  The mall to me seems like a very unique, yet safe place that has several viewers in case you were ever in trouble there’s several witnesses around.  I believe we do this because the mall is a safe place where you can find whatever you need at your convenience. This is stated to be the place of luxury for some, place of joy for most, and a means to expand your social status for all.!

An amazing Jam using the normal stop sign, and a chalked on “WAR” sign implementing the viewers to “stop war’ clever.